Crossed Lines – Now available on Amazon

I’m really pleased to announce the publication of the sequel to County Lines… Crossed Lines is now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited formats.. It’s been quite a challenging morning, following a technical glitch. Which resulted in me downloading the wrong manuscript. As these things go, they’re always a challenge to rectify…Continue reading “Crossed Lines – Now available on Amazon”

Can you read your way to career success?

Guest Blog Today I welcome Mark Crossfield; Accredited Executive Coach, Licensed Career Coach and Master NLP Practitioner at Bravo Coaching. Mark is passionate about helping people to love their job and build a great career at whatever stage and whatever age. He supports people in their career to become unstuck and overcome challenging situations. TodayContinue reading “Can you read your way to career success?”

Location, Location, Location… The Lido at Grange Over Sands.

I’m aware that great atmospheric locations are important to enrich and develop the scenes in a book, film or drama.  Who could ever forget the visual impact of characters in the bar scene, during Star Wars? A diverse alien mix of clientele from across the galaxies, chilling out and letting their hair down with aContinue reading “Location, Location, Location… The Lido at Grange Over Sands.”

When I’m not writing…I sometimes Fix The Fells

One of the great experiences of writing, is the ability of the subconscious to produce creative ideas. Sometimes when the words dry up and progression of the story is not forthcoming, its best to put the laptop down and have a change of scenery. Almost with no conscious effort, the light bulb moment occurs andContinue reading “When I’m not writing…I sometimes Fix The Fells”

What is County Lines Drug Trafficking?

In ‘County Lines’ Jason Hamilton is a fearless, intimidating, ruthless and violent gangster, who respects no boundaries. Amongst other criminal enterprises he exploits vulnerable youngsters in a county lines drug dealing operation. He has no concern for their wellbeing, just the success of his criminal empire and avoiding the attention of the police. Organised crimeContinue reading “What is County Lines Drug Trafficking?”