My writing journey so far..

Writing wasn’t at the top of my agenda as a teenager. At sixteen years of age, a week after completing my school examinations I was off on an adventure. I joined HM Forces, enlisting in the army. After a few years I transferred to the Royal Military Police, which is when my my journey into a career in criminal investigation began. In those days I enjoyed reading John Le Carre, Terence Strong and non fiction crime.

After one assault course too many, I decided it was time to swap green for blue and joined the police. I gained a wealth of experience in the field of serious criminal investigation and caught up with my abandoned academia, completing a MSc in Forensic & Legal Psychology. My last fifteen years in the job were extremely busy working as a Detective Inspector in CID.

Since completing my police service I am able to read much more than I ever did; Lynda La Plante, Stephen King and James Patterson being favourites. The experience of writing ‘County Lines’ has been tremendous, a new love.

What Next…

It’s been great fun writing County Lines & Crossed Lines. It would be great to meet up with the characters again at some stage in the future, and develop their stories further.

However, in the meantime I would love to create a stand alone crime drama, whilst DI Andrea Statham takes a well earned rest! At this stage I have a few ideas formulating and look forward to getting some words on the page.

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Stay safe


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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” —Joseph Addison

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