My writing journey so far..

Writing wasn’t at the top of my agenda as a teenager. At sixteen years of age, a week after completing my school examinations I was off on an adventure. I joined HM Forces, enlisting in the army. After a few years I transferred to the Royal Military Police, which is when my my journey into a career in criminal investigation began. In those days I enjoyed reading John Le Carre, Terence Strong and non fiction crime.

After one assault course too many, I decided it was time to swap green for blue and joined the police. I gained a wealth of experience in the field of serious criminal investigation and caught up with my abandoned academia, completing a MSc in Forensic & Legal Psychology. My last fifteen years in the job were extremely busy working as a Detective Inspector in CID.

Since completing my police service I am able to read much more than I ever did; Lynda La Plante, Stephen King and James Patterson being favourites. The experience of writing ‘County Lines’ has been tremendous, a new love.

What Next…

I’d not given much thought to writing beyond ‘County Lines’. But it wasn’t long after publishing it that ideas started to formulate about a sequel.

Since then, with the unwanted help of lockdown I’ve been busy on the lap top. I’m not far from finishing the first draft of ‘Crossed Lines’. It’s been great getting back into the heads of the characters and developing them and their story lines.

Crossed Lines will conclude this current story line, but the detectives will be back to take on another new case in my third book. On current estimates I’m hoping to publish Crossed Lines around May time.

I’ll update Facebook and Twitter with a publishing date, once it’s established.


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” —Joseph Addison

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