I went from fighting crime to writing crime fiction – this is how I did it!

After retiring from the police, I sought new challenges in life. In my previous role I worked long, unsociable hours which restricted my work life balance. Albeit I enjoyed the job immensely.

My retirement brought about a great opportunity for change. Writing crime fiction had always been an ambition, and was a path I was eager to follow. In addition I have taken up other roles and interests, which have subsequently made a vast improvement on my work life balance and well being.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Mark, and appear on his podcast to discuss how to have a portfolio career. Click on the button below to have a listen, or listen on Apple Podcast.

Ever wondered how you can love your job and build a great career? Learn how with Your Bravo Career a podcast about why your career matters, how you can enjoy what you are doing each day at work and how to build a great career along the way. Mark Crossfield is a Professional Career Coach specialising in empowering people in their career to become unstuck, overcome challenging situations or improve their overall happiness and satisfaction at work.

To visit Mark’s website, click on the link below


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